Presence in the Chaos

· Comfort

I answered your second phone call while I was driving because I saw your “emergency” text. One minute later I saw your flipped suburban on the side of the road, you standing tall beside it, talking on the phone to me.

I saw your friend standing beside you, but somehow he wasn’t in the car with you when you crashed. You had dropped him off at his own vehicle minutes earlier, and he was one of the first to see you on the side of the road. You are both totally safe.

I walked up to you at the accident scene, and standing there was a Pearce Theatre dad. He was driving right behind you, and saw you make your overcorrections and crash. He was supposed to be at his son’s rehearsal dinner, but he stayed and made sure you were ok, and gave the police report.

And then my friend is standing there with me, your friend’s mom. She hugged me with her winter parka as I stood shaking in disbelief. She came as soon as her son said he saw your vehicle crashed.

I heard of neighbor after neighbor who came running to the accident and helped you get out of the suburban and call 911 and likely prayed many prayers for your life.

All of this while first responders were arriving.

So much of our life is in chaos, and I know I can’t control the millions of things that I want to be able to. But I see the the thread of God’s presence weaving through my life. I see His hand on your life.

And I hope you see it too. I love you.